Witnesses can be vital to the success of any personal injury claim and can be some of the best sources of evidence when it comes to filing a personal injury action. In many car accidents, the only witnesses to the crash are the drivers of each vehicle. However, these witnesses will likely automatically believe the other to be at fault for the accident, limiting their helpfulness. This makes it imperative to attempt to gather third party witnesses who viewed the accident and are not biased to provide testimony to one driver over another.

At Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, our personal injury attorneys understand how critical witnesses to an accident can be. We assist our clients in gathering witness information and statements so that you can prepare the strongest case possible. These witness accounts can help greatly to bolster your arguments in court as well.

Third Party Witnesses Are Often the Most Credible

Car accidents occur in the blink of an eye. The drivers involved in the accident can have differing descriptions and competing versions of what happened. This makes the presence of third party witnesses extremely important. Your car accident attorney will want to look into whether others viewed the accident as soon as possible. These witnesses will need to be interviewed and assessed as to their information and credibility.

What Did the Witness See?

Just because someone witnessed the accident does not mean they are credible witness. Witnesses can be other drivers who were passing by and saw the crash, but did not focus on it. Other drivers might be too focused on moving out of the way for their own safety than they are on the accident. Further, some witnesses could be biased.

You will need to closely assess what the witness saw and whether it is accurate or helpful to your case. To do this, you will want your attorney to ask numerous questions about the witnesses’ view point, including where the witness was at the time of the accident, what they were focusing on, how fast were they traveling, and what they observed.

There are additional personal factors that must be considered prior to considering putting the witness on the stand. These include factors about the witness’ character, such as prior convictions, a reputation for dishonesty, poor eyesight or hearing and more. Your attorney will assist you in gathering this important information. With the right research, you can gather several strong eye witnesses who will greatly add to the strength of your case.

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