When you are involved in serious motor vehicle crashes, the chaos, pain and shock can make it difficult to maintain one’s composure enough to gather and preserve evidence. Atlanta Car Accident Reports may provide critical information that may be relevant to the issues of causation, negligent driving behavior, property damage and apparent injuries. When law enforcement officers are summoned to the scene of a car crash, a police report generally will be filed following an investigation at the scene of the collision. Because many people involved in crashes are fairly shaken and upset, aside from the legal requirement that police need to be called under certain circumstances including where their are personal injuries, our Atlanta car crash lawyers at Montlick and Associates generally recommend erring on the side of caution and summoning the police to all motor vehicle accident scenes to facilitate an investigation of the collision.

The impact of a serious motor vehicle collision on a crash victim and his or her family can be devastating both in terms of the immediate consequences, such a pain and suffering, medical costs and vehicle repair expenses as well as the long-term impact which includes potential diminished enjoyment of life, earning capacity and ability to participate fully in family activities. While a personal injury claim based on the negligence of a driver who is intoxicated or texting on a cell phone may provide financial compensation to the injury victim, it is important to keep in mind that Atlanta Car Accident Reports valuable but not the final word on liability in a car crash.

While the actual report may not be admissible as evidence in the case, the information in the report provides a record of key evidence. While our Atlanta car accident lawyers typically do not rely exclusively on Atlanta Car Accident Reports, the report provides a starting point for evaluating an accident claim and constitutes the first information that insurance adjusters see when determining how to proceed. We may look for evidence that suggests a witness provided misleading or false statements that impacted the officer’s interpretation of the physical evidence at the scene of the accident. Our team also may seek evidence that was not included in the report, such as traffic camera footage and the analysis of an accident reconstruction expert.

If the police officer issued a traffic citation for running a red light, speeding or driving while impaired by alcohol, this information along with other evidence relevant to establishing negligence typically will be reflected in Atlanta Car Accident Reports, such as:

• Identity and contact information of witnesses
• Diagrams depicting the position of the vehicles
• Photos of vehicle damage and the surrounding accident scene
• Measurement of skid marks for purpose of calculating speed and braking activity
• Statements from drivers, vehicle occupants and third party witnesses
• Indications of traffic violations and/or DUI/DWI investigation

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