When patients seek evaluation and treatment from medical professional for injuries, medical conditions or elective cosmetic procedures, they expect that their doctor will exercise an appropriate level of competence, skill and knowledge. While these are reasonable expectations, sometimes physicians and other medical providers fail to deliver appropriate care because of drug or alcohol impairment, fatigue, inadequate training or other reasons. When a patient is the victim of medical negligence, the result can be permanent debilitating injuries and wrongful death.

Although many presume that the number of people that receive cosmetic surgery and medical errors associated with these types of elective procedures are rare, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that physicians performed approximately nine million cosmetic procedures during a recent one year period. As cosmetic procedures evolve from being a luxury of those with means to a popular option for people from all walks of life, the number of medical errors that cause serious injury and wrongful death during elective cosmetic surgical and non-invasive procedures can also be expected to increase.

While there are many skilled and accomplished doctors in Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Georgia who perform cosmetic procedures, both non-surgical and fairly non-invasive procedures can still present a substantial risk of injury. Whether the cosmetic procedure being performed is a non-surgical procedure like a Botox injection or a surgical procedure, such as breast implants, liposuction or a face lift, medical professionals must have the proper skill, training and knowledge to provide competent medical services and exercise reasonable care when performing the procedure. The doctor or other medical professional also must be capable of dealing with medical complications when they occur.

Although there are many types of medical errors during cosmetic procedures that may result in harm to patients, some of the most common types of errors include the following:

Medical Complications: When doctors perform surgical procedures, there are a wide range of complications that can occur, including the risk of infection, internal bleeding, hematomas and more. If these complications occur because the procedure was conducted improperly or the doctor failed to perform proper follow-up care, this may provide the basis for a medical malpractice claim.

Anesthesia Errors: Whether a patient is receiving a mandatory life saving operation or elective cosmetic surgery, general anesthesia always poses a risk of harm. If the doctor does not carefully monitor the patient and administer the appropriate dosage, a patient can suffer potentially devastating harm like brain damage, cardiac arrest and even wrongful death.

Unacceptable Outcome: Although bad results from a medical procedure do not necessarily constitute medical malpractice, sometimes the unsatisfactory result of a cosmetic medical procedure may be caused by substandard medical care. A surgical procedure to provide breast implants, for example, may result in in breasts that are lopsided or mismatched in size. This type of poor medical outcome can also be the basis of a medical malpractice judgment or settlement depending on the circumstances.

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