People traveling throughout the U.S. often book hotel or motel rooms that have a view of a lake, mountain landscape or the ocean. Patrons typically pay a premium for such rooms because they offer a breathtaking view from the room’s balcony. Our Georgia Balcony Fall Accident Attorneys recognize that this premium room upgrade can pose a serious injury hazard due to a poor design or inadequate maintenance of the balcony that may cause a tragic and even fatal fall. Our motel balcony injury attorneys represent clients that have been injured in balcony accidents in hotels, motels, inns, apartments, stores, parking lots, restaurants and other premises with unsafe balconies.

Fall from unsafe balconies can be caused by a variety of defective conditions that include but are not limited to the following:

• Balconies that do not comply with building or safety codes
• Improperly secured railings
• Railings that are not high enough to prevent falls
• Bars spaced too far apart so that small children or toddlers can squeeze between the bars
• Balconies with railings in disrepair
• Improperly constructed or maintained balconies that collapse

While sometimes unsafe conduct by a balcony occupant contributes to a fall, this does not mean that the person who suffers serious injury or wrongful death cannot seek damages. Sometimes a fall victim can seek compensation even if intoxication contributed to the accident to some degree if the negligence of the property owner or entity that built the structure also was a factor in causing the accident. The entity that designed or constructed the balcony may have used wood that has suffered from undetected wood rot, or the entity may have improperly calculated the weight load when constructing the balcony. Even if the balcony was safe when it was constructed and complied with all building code requirements, the property owner may not have performed necessary maintenance. Bolts that secured the railing may have become compromised by rust so that the railing is not properly secured or the railings may come loose because of deterioration of the structure to which the railing is secured.

Insurance companies routinely blame the victim for such accidents by alleging the cause of the accident was intoxication, carelessness or horseplay. However, our Georgia balcony accident attorneys conduct appropriate investigations based on the individual facts which may include analyzing building permits, checking records for prior code citations, reviewing accident reports and interviewing witnesses. We will also work closely with engineering and construction experts so that we can develop a compelling position based on the law and facts to pursue a favorable outcome for our clients.

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