Analysts who studied commercial truck accidents performed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) discovered main causes for truck wrecks after the number of fatal truck crashes increased from 2017 to 2018. The FMCSA considered these causes of fatal or catastrophic truck crashes as “hidden.” Additionally, statistics show that 82% of deaths caused by truck crashes were someone other than the truck driver. People who die in truck crashes are the other drivers on the road, motorcycle riders, pedestrians, and bicycle riders.

Incidentally, all of the major causes of truck accidents stem from the pressure on the driver to work longer and harder. Brake problems might be the number one reason why trucks crash and kill others on the road. Trucks could develop brake problems from faulty or non-existent maintenance, failure to perform routine checks, manufacturing defects, and mistakes in the workmanship.

Truck drivers need to drive to make money. As a result, most drivers do not take days off because when they are not feeling well. Instead of going to a doctor for an exam, a driver may take over-the-counter medicines instead to help with their symptoms.

Driving while fatigued is a huge problem. Drivers must strictly follow the FMCSA’s regulations, including the number of hours of working and behind the wheel. Even if the driver is under his or her hourly limitations for the day or week, the driver should stop driving and get rest if driving while fatigued.

The constant pressure of getting more work done in less time is an unrelenting pressure that most drivers face. Greater pressure imposed on drivers by employers leads to higher stress, more incidents of driving while tired, substance abuse and driving recklessly.

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