Pedestrians in the United States are getting killed because of an increasing number of distracted drivers. A new study released by the Governors Highway Safety Association reveals that pedestrian fatalities due to car accidents were up at least 10 percent in 2015. One of the primary causes of this increase in pedestrian fatalities is distracted drivers. Distracted pedestrians can also play a role in the high rates of pedestrian deaths. The family members of pedestrians who are killed due to distracted drivers should be eligible to receive compensation from the at-fault driver responsible for their loved one’s death.

The Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, believe that distracted drivers pose a tremendous threat to all road users. Driver distraction is a primary cause of car, truck, and pedestrian accidents, leading to thousands of fatalities nationwide. Our law firm assists the victims of distracted driving accidents and their families, striving to provide them justice for the damages they have incurred because of the actions of a negligent driver.

Cell Phones Can Kill

Cell phones are the number one cause of distraction for both drivers and pedestrians. The advent of the smartphone has resulted in a sharp increase in distracted driving. Drivers today will often engage in texting, emailing, surfing the web, posting on social media, and others. All of these actions are extraordinarily dangerous, pulling the driver’s eyes, attention and hands off, increasing the likelihood of serious accidents.

Distracted drivers can swerve into pedestrians while they are busy looking at their phones. They might also run over pedestrians attempting to cross the road because they are busy texting. These are just two of numerous scenarios that can result in a deadly pedestrian accident due to the actions of the at-fault, distracted driver.

Pedestrians can also increase their risk of being hit by a car if they use their smartphone device while walking. Looking down at a cell phone might result in a pedestrian walking out into traffic, ignoring a traffic signal, or even stumbling into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

For your safety as well as the safety of those around you, it is critical that you put down your cell phone while driving or walking. Focus on the task at hand so that you arrive safely and help to minimize risks to others.

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