If you are injured while you are a passenger in a motor vehicle, you generally face fewer obstacles in terms of establishing liability in order to have the potential to obtain financial compensation for your injuries. While a driver who is injured in a collision must prove the fault of the other driver or a third party, passengers can expect that one of the drivers will be liable in most situations. The fundamental aspects of a negligence claim arising out of a car accident require that the passenger establish include liability (fault), causation and damages (severity of injury).

The basis of liability will depend on the type of accident. When the incident involves a two-vehicle collision, one of the drivers will usually be at-fault for causing the accident. Since the passenger has no role in driving either vehicle, occupants who are not driving do not necessarily need to worry about which driver is determined to be at-fault. However, differences in the amount of insurance coverage available to each driver might make this issue important.

When the crash is a one-vehicle collision, such as running into a tree, the driver typically will be at-fault. Generally, when a driver slams into a fixed object, he or she typically did something or failed to do something that caused the collision. It is important to understand there can be exceptions. If a driver swerves into another vehicle to avoid hitting a child who suddenly darts into the street, this might be a situation where a driver is not liable.

The process of pursuing a passenger injury claim is similar to that involving typical car accidents with the exception that both drivers might be liable for a two-vehicle crash. Just as with an accident claim involving two vehicles, third party liability also should be considered (where someone other than the driver(s) of the vehicle might have liablity in addition to the driver). Potential responsible third parties might include any of the following:

• Employers of drivers
• Owners of vehicles who entrust their vehicle to unsafe drivers
• Public entities that design, construct or maintain roads
• Mechanics and repair shops that perform shoddy maintenance and repairs
• Manufacturers of defective vehicles or parts

When a passenger is injured in an Atlanta car accident, the best practice is to obtain insurance and driver’s license information for both drivers if possible. Sometimes passengers make a judgment to only obtain information from the driver of the other vehicle because they assume the driver of the other vehicle is responsible for causing the crash. However, this preliminary determination of fault can be inaccurate, so obtaining information from both drivers is advised.

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