Where Do These Sprains and Strains Occur?
Over a third of the strains and sprains which occur in the workplace take place in the trade, transportation and utilities industry, while 19 percent occur in the education and health services industry sector. Occupationally, the greatest number of injuries occurred in laborers, movers and truck drivers due to overexertion or contact with heavy objects and equipment. Nursing aides, orderlies and attendants suffered sprains and strains to the back due to lifting and moving patients.

How Do Sprains and Strains Happen?
Falls from a height are one primary way sprains and strains occur. Many times unstable equipment, wet or greasy floors, uneven surfaces or simple loss of balance can contribute to a fall, and, in fact, falls are a leading cause of work-related deaths, especially among construction workers and those in agriculture, forestry, and fishing and mining industries. Additionally, those who work in retail are also at risk for falls due to climbing ladders to reach something in less than ideal conditions. A fall will usually result in a sprain, strain or tear—injuries which can be very painful, not to mention long lasting, leading to lost work days.

Lifting as a Cause of Workplace Sprains and Strains
At least a third of workplace sprain and strain injuries are due to lifting an object which is too heavy, or from lifting any object improperly. Your mother really did know what she was talking about when she cautioned you to always lift with your legs rather than your back! Lifting injuries will generally lead to longer work absences than falls, and back and muscle pain is a common result. While anyone is at risk of suffering a sprain or strain from lifting, those in jobs such as nursing, transportation and manufacturing are much more likely to suffer such an injury. Those who suffer an injury from lifting can have pain in the neck, upper and lower back, as well as pain which radiates to other limbs. Even when back surgery is recommended, recovery from such an injury can potentially take a very long time.

The Impact of Heavy Equipment in Sprains and Strains
Many jobs, especially in the construction and manufacturing industries, require the use of complex, heavy equipment. Although these machines certainly make the work easier when properly maintained and correctly used, they can make the workplace increasingly dangerous, and are responsible for numerous workplace sprains, strains and tears. When heavy equipment is improperly used, injuries can occur, and many such injuries occur when getting in or out of the equipment. Often the worker lands wrong, twisting his back or neck, or pulls a muscle when attempting to get into the heavy equipment, causing long-term damage to the neck and back muscles.

Automobile Accidents
Finally, those workers who use company vehicles in the commission of their employment report sprains and strains as a result of automobile accidents leading to injuries of this nature. Especially at risk are employees such as pizza delivery drivers, or salesmen who spend large amounts of time in their vehicles.

If you have suffered any type of muscle sprain or strain as a result of a workplace accident, it is imperative you take action immediately. Call and talk to a reputable, experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your options as well as your future actions. Don’t let a workplace accident cost you your future!

Source: https://www.bls.gov/iif/#tables

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