Bordered by several states, Georgia is frequented by trucks of all shapes and sizes, especially 18-wheelers necessary to transport large loads of goods for cross-country delivery. Unfortunately, however, with more and more truckers using Georgia highways each day, there is a much greater likelihood that serious accidents will occur. Alarmingly, one out of every six fatal traffic accidents in Georgia involves a truck.

It is important to consider that despite the amount of training necessary for truck drivers to obtain their specialized licenses, they nonetheless cannot stop as quickly as a smaller and lighter vehicle. For example, 18-wheelers, usually weighing over 80,000 pounds and exceeding 70 feet in length, do not have the capability, given their size and magnitude, to stop quickly if they are cut off by another driver. Truck accidents are also caused by the fact that it is much more difficult for truck drivers to see other vehicles on the road, especially small cars and motorcycles. As such, collisions are inevitable, which often ends up causing serious life threatening injuries and/or death.

As a result, it is important to understand that there are numerous complexities involved in pursuing a claim or litigating a trucking case, such as determining who the responsible parties are, who is at fault, and what evidence is necessary to prove your case. For instance, a truck driver’s company, in certain circumstances, can also be held at fault for the negligence of its driver under a theory of vicarious liability. However, if a truck driver is working for himself, the determination as to whether he alone can be held responsible is not always as readily apparent. Additionally, gathering evidence can also be a daunting task since the trucking industry is subject to a complex regulatory structure imposed by the U.S. government. In other words, it is often difficult, given the rubric of very technical and comprehensive regulations, to understand what information to ask for in proving your case and how to obtain it.

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