During the summer, many people engage in adrenaline producing recreational activities that can cause serious injury. One common form of potentially dangerous summer activity involves off-roading on dirt bikes. There are hundreds of children who die, and thousands more who are injured annually in accidents that involve a minibike, dirt bike, trail bike, motorcycle or moped or motorscooter. A CDC report found that the majority of these accidents that cause injuries to children involve male dirt bike riders (also known as “trail bikes” and “off-road bikes”).

Although riding a dirt bike can be a thrilling experience, it comes with an inherent degree of risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that injuries and fatalities from riding dirt bikes are on the rise, but a helmet can mitigate this risk. Georgia has a universal motorcycle helmet law. Compliance with this law when using a dirt bike can significantly reduce the risk of a serious brain injury or even a fatal head injury.

The most recent annual statistics from the CDC indicated that almost 24,000 riders 19 or younger were treated in hospitals for non-fatal injuries suffered in dirt bike accidents. Because dirt bike accidents often occur in remote areas, the risk of a less positive medical outcome is higher. Emergency responders often cannot get to the scene of a dirt bike accident as quickly as a crash that occurs on a main highway or city street. The remote location of many dirt bike accidents can means precious minutes are lost in terms of obtaining emergency life-saving procedures.

While dirt bikes typically travel at much lower speeds than typical motorcycles, the uneven terrain of a motorcross course can pose a danger to riders and spectators. Sometimes property owners fail to adequately mark or maintain the course. Unpredictable roads, non-obvious road hazards and unsafe riders can all pose a risk of causing a serious dirt bike accident.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that the most common parts of the body injured in trail bike accidents involve the neck, head and arms, which account for about 6 in 10 dirt bike injuries. Other common injuries suffered in dirt bike accidents include torso damage, broken bones, fractures, lacerations, facial injuries, spinal injuries and dental trauma.

When a rider is injured in a dirt bike accident because of a poorly delineated course or unsafe road hazards, the property owner can be liable for injuries suffered in a crash depending on the circumstances. Alternatively, another rider might be legally responsible for injuries caused in a crash if the other rider’s failure to exercise reasonable care was a substantial factor in causing the dirt bike accident. In cases where the dirt bike is defective, the manufacturer of the bike might be liable for injuries caused by a dirt bike accident.

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