Some dangerous head injuries suffered in an Atlanta car accident go undetected because the signs and symptoms of serious head injuries do not always appear immediately. When a person is involved in a motor vehicle collision, it is normal to examine a person for physical signs of injury including lacerations, bruises, swelling and other physical indications of injury.

An auto accident injury victim may suffer a closed head injury when one’s head impacts the steering wheel or windshield. There may be other symptoms including dizziness, loss of consciousness and other indicators of a traumatic brain injury. Many times auto accident victims presume that they are fine because they have no symptoms of a significant head injury.

Unfortunately, all too often those who suffer closed head injuries in an Atlanta car accident are not okay. This is an extremely dangerous situation because you may suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can cause permanent injury or even fatalities. Sometimes accident victims who suffer head trauma in a car accident on Atlanta roads delay seeking treatment, which can result in tragic consequences.

Car accidents account for approximately 28 percent of traumatic brain injuries but the number rises to nearly 50 percent when brain injuries that require hospitalization are considered according to an article entitled “Incidence of Mild and Moderate Brain Injury in the United States” published in the Brain Injury Journal. The prevalence and seriousness of traumatic brain injuries is even more evident when one considers that over one-third of all injury fatalities result from traumatic brain injuries based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

There is an increasing body of scientific data suggesting that Atlanta car accident victims can suffer brain damage from brain injuries even though they experience no loss in consciousness. These brain injuries can cause permanent disability and loss of physical, cognitive and communication abilities. If you suffer any impact to your head in an auto collision in Atlanta, you should seek immediate medical attention. Even if you feel no immediate adverse effects, it is imperative that you not delay in obtaining medical attention. Closed head trauma from an Atlanta car accident may result in bleeding in the space between the skull and the brain causing pressure to build and exerting force on the brain. Bleeding on the brain requires immediate attention.