In some instances the place you work can contain any number of harmful substances such as coal or asbestos, leading to serious diseases such as Mesothelioma, black lung, asbestosis or silicosis. People who have spent their lives working in the mining industry or other high-risk occupations may have been exposed to hazardous workplace substances such as asbestos or radon gas. Such long-term exposure is a major cause of lung diseases which can be life-altering.

What You May Have Been Exposed To at Work
If you work in any type of employment sector in which asbestos is present, your employer should ensure sure you are fully protected through the use of a facial mask or other protective gear. Many people are exposed constantly to dust particles and damaging chemical fumes in the workplace and must take advantage of such protective safety gear. There are many hazardous substances workers may encounter such as diesel fumes, asbestos, wood dust, silica, heavy metals, radon, solvents, ether, mustard gas and even second-hand smoke which can severely damage the lungs. Those who are employed in such industries as textile factories, car garages, uranium mines, iron or steel foundries, painting companies, printing companies, glass manufacturing companies or nail salons—just to name a few—are likely exposed to certain levels of harmful chemicals.

Indications of Lung Disease
Those who have been repeatedly exposed to hazardous workplace substances can begin having shortness of breath, with symptoms which steadily escalate such as abnormal breathing patterns, chest pain and coughing. If you suspect you have been exposed to hazardous chemicals in your workplace you should immediately consult a medical professional who will likely send you for chest x-rays and potentially other tests such as a test to determine pulmonary functions, tissue and lung fluid testing and cellular and bio-chemical studies of chest fluids. Doctors determine the course of treatment depending on your current age, previous medical history and overall state of health as well as the specific type of lung disease you have and how far the disease has progressed.

Claim for COPD
Your doctor may diagnose you with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease if your job has exposed you to hazardous working conditions which include gases, chemicals or dust. This is a serious lung condition in which the lungs become irritated and inflamed, causing serious difficulties in breathing. COPD in turn can lead to asthma, emphysema, silicosis, bronchitis, and other potentially life-threatening diseases. If you are suffering from work-related COPD, you are likely eligible for a compensation claim under the industrial injuries and illness provision.

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