Breast cancer has a five-year survivability rate of nearly 100% if diagnosed early when the cancer is confined to the breast. Tragically, according to one study, the failure to diagnose breast cancer constitutes 40% of all medical malpractice cases in the United States. At Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have been representing those injured from the negligence of others in Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia, including medical professionals, for over 39 years.

The prognosis for breast cancer is so highly impacted by early detection that it is imperative that women are aware of the symptoms and risk factors, perform periodic self-exams and see their gynecologist on a regular basis. Studies indicate that the difference between Stage I and Stage IV survival rates may exceed 80%. A woman should perform monthly breast exams and doctors recommend getting regular mammograms and gynecological examinations. If a woman notices a lump, tissue hardness, severe discoloration or nipple discharge from her breast, she should see her gynecologist or general practitioner immediately and report the symptoms. Common breast cancer risk factors include the following:

  • Family history of breast cancer
  • Women above age 50
  • Late pregnancy
  • Early or Delayed onset of menopause
  • Radiation Exposure

If a woman has any of these risk factors, it is important to be especially diligent about performing self-exams and making regular trips to the gynecologist. Breast cancer misdiagnosis cases often involve a health care professional who does not order the proper tests, properly identify the disease or even more commonly fails to properly interpret mammogram results. Studies indicate that mammogram tests result in a false negative (meaning an erroneous disease free result) as much as 10% of the time. One study indicated that many radiologists failed to identify cancer when present 30% of the time.

Out of over 180,000 women diagnosed with cancer each year, 78% survive and this is improving all the time. Sadly, there are still too many cases where breast cancer victims succumb to the disease because of the failure of a medical professional to diagnosis the disease early.

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