In Georgia, automobile related accidents are the number one cause of injury and death to children across the state ranging in age from one to twelve years old. As an experienced personal injury law firm, it is devastating to read these sobering statistics, but it can never compare to how traumatic it is to experience the loss. However, it is even more troubling when a child was not properly secured in his or her car or booster seat at the time of an accident. Surprisingly, thousands of people across the United States fail to check that their children are properly secured in their seats while driving. As a result, numerous children suffer the consequences of parents or caretakers who neglect to take a few extra minutes to ensure that their children are safe or do not know how to properly secure the safety device.

In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, four out of ten U.S. children under the age of six who die or who are seriously injured in car accidents were either unrestrained or not properly restrained in their car seats. As a result, the State of Georgia has cracked down on this issue, requiring all children under the age of eight years old to ride in either a car or booster seat that is appropriate for their height and weight. To learn more about Georgia law regarding the use of car seats, visit the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection’s website. Also be sure to read the following tips, among others, regarding child passenger safety:

  1. Always secure your child in his or her seat, regardless of the circumstances. Most accidents occur close to home; therefore, it is not surprising that some people compromise their children’s safety simply because they do not expect to be involved in an accident for a quick errand or trip. In other words, the short distance of your trip should never influence you to neglect you and your children’s safety. Always check that your children are properly secured at all times. Whether you are traveling one mile or one hundred, taking the above step will save lives.
  2. Pull over to a safe location in order to feed your child or address his or her needs. For example, if a child needs to be breastfed, be sure to pull over and stop the car before taking the child out of his or her seat for a feeding. Never take risks by removing a child from his or her car seat while the vehicle is in motion.
  3. Review your car seat manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to review all of the car seat’s instructions before installing the device. By failing to take one single step, you are putting your children’s lives at risk.
  4. Do not allow your children to remove themselves from their car or booster seat. Children often become cranky, especially during extended car trips. Regardless of how much they fuss, do not remove them from their seats or allow them to remove themselves. Explain to them how important their safety is while riding as a passenger in a car. Perhaps install a video player or some other device to keep your children’s attention occupied. This way, they are paying more attention to the device and less on finding ways to get out of their car or booster seats.
  5. Contact your local police or fire department for help. Oftentimes, police officers and/or local fire departments are available to review whether your car seat was properly installed or to assist you during the installation process. Give them a call to find out whether they can evaluate your car seat and make sure that it is safe.

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