If you have ever been injured in a very quick manner, you may recall that you did not feel any pain right away, or if you did, you thought the pain was minimal, at best. Many Georgians injured in automobile accidents may not immediately recognize their injuries following an accident. Although an emotional response to an accident is highly likely and often quickly realized, the onset of pain, stiffness, and other symptoms may take quite some time to manifest. Injuries that do not demonstrate immediate symptoms have the potential to appear much later on, and can do so with a striking force.

Delayed Injuries Should Be Addressed as Soon as Symptoms Arise

Suffering a delayed injury can make it difficult for you to determine the true cause of your injury. If you were involved in an accident, it makes sense that your current injury symptoms may be linked to the accident. However, in order to determine if there is such a link, medical care will need to be sought. Many individuals make the mistake by thinking they will just get over injuries, and that they don’t have any options for dealing with injuries following an accident. Some people do not have health insurance, which may make it difficult to seek medical treatment. However, if you think another person is responsible for the injuries you suffered in an automobile accident, you will need to prove that you have, in fact, sustained injuries in order to have a financial recovery.

Consequences of Ignoring Delayed Injuries

Suffering any type of injury as a result of a Georgia auto accident has the potential to cause some form of permanent damage, whether such damage is minor pain, or chronic pain and discomfort. For individuals who do not act to seek medical care once they discover they have been injured, they may be limiting their ability to seek recovery later on. Given that there are time limitations placed on how long you have to pursue a personal injury claim, waiting too long to seek medical treatment for an injury could prevent you from seeking recovery if the time period for filing a case has expired. A delay in reporting symptoms to a doctor, and documenting that connection to the accident can also result in an insurance company challenging whether the accident in fact caused the injuries.

You do not deserve to suffer injuries simply because another driver acted in a negligent way, causing you to suffer harm. Such injuries cause not only physical and mental pain, but also result in significant medical bills that may relate to just one hospital visit, as well as repeated follow-up visits that go on for an indefinite period of time as you heal. You should not compromise your rights by ignoring your injuries. We strongly urge you to speak with a qualified Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer today to learn more about your legal rights and options. He or she can evaluate your case, and help you to determine the best course of action to follow. Time is limited, so call Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, now to obtain the qualified legal representation you deserve.

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