Fractures are some of the most common injuries following a car accident. The high impact of a car accident can result in broken bones throughout the body. Fractures can be extremely painful and may result in long term injuries or complications. All car accident victims who suffer fracture injuries will need to be treated immediately and completely to prevent further injuries. Car accident victims may additionally be eligible to receive compensation for their fracture injuries from the at-fault driver responsible for the accident. The following article discusses fracture injuries as they pertain to personal injury claims. Anyone who believes they have experienced such injuries should consult with a medical doctor.

What is a fracture?

A fracture is any break in a bone. Fractures can occur anywhere in the body where bone exists. Automobile accident victims most frequently suffer fractures to their arm and leg bones, as well as their spinal bones or vertebrae. Car accidents are one of the number one causes of fractures, along with falls and sports injuries.

What types of fractures occur in the arms and legs?

A fracture of the arm can involve breaking of any of the three bones in the arm, which include the humerus, radius, and ulna. Fractures of the leg include breaks to any of the three leg bones, which are the femur, tibia, and fibula. Common fractures to the arms and legs include closed fractures, in which the skin is not pierced by the broken bone and open or compound fractures, in which the broken bone pierces the skin. Fractures can also be multiple and displaced, meaning the bones are no longer aligned. Nearly any arm or leg fracture will need to be set by a doctor in an appropriate manner, which will usually include a cast. Those with an arm or leg fracture may be unable to move their affected limb for some time after the accident, which could impact work and life functions.

What types of fractures occur in the spine?

The spinal cord is particularly vulnerable to breaks. Fractures within the vertebrae include compression fractures, in which part of the vertebrae breaks and loses height but the rest remains fixed. Dislocation fractures involve the vertebrae or a portion of it moves out of its location. Spinal cord fractures are often extremely painful and can be hard to treat.

How are fractures treated?

Treatment for a car accident fracture will depend on its location and the type of break experienced. Surgery is a common option for spinal cord fractures and surgery could include fusion of the vertebrae or implantation of artificial discs between the injured discs. Arm and leg fractures will generally require casting to keep the body straight and allow it to heal.

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