In the stressful aftermath of a car accident, it is easy to make some costly mistakes. Innocent missteps can have a devastating effect on the recovery of accident victims. The following is a look at some of the most common mistakes accident victims make that can hinder their ability to obtain full compensation for their injuries stemming from an automobile accident:

  1. Delaying seeking medical attention: Sometimes, individuals who have been involved in a car accident, even a serious one, do not seek medical treatment right away. Often, after the crash, your adrenaline is pumping and this may mask pain as well as other symptoms of an injury. Later, when you have calmed down, you may realize you have actually sustained an injury in the accident. You may find yourself busy with work or school and further delay seeking medical treatment. This can be a harmful mistake for your physical state and your potential car accident case. Delaying treatment could cause your injury to worsen and lengthen treatment time. Delaying seeking medical attention can also weaken your car accident case because it provides the insurance company with ammunition to claim your injury did not, in fact, stem from the accident. It is always best to at least be examined by a medical doctor following any significant car accident. The moment you start to experience symptoms, seek the medical care you need to get better.
  2. Admitting fault when you are not at fault: After a car accident, victims are often in a state of shock and confusion. Accident victims may strike up a conversation with other parties, or even insurance companies, involved in the accident where discussions of fault are not uncommon. You may wonder aloud whether you were responsible for the accident and worse. Later, when you are calm at home and mentally walking through the accident, you may realize the accident was not your fault. Unfortunately, your statements made to others immediately following the accident could be admissible as evidence against you. Hence, it is critical that you avoid any conversations involving liability with anyone following the accident. It is especially important to not discuss liability with an insurance company without first speaking with an attorney.
  3. Missing doctor’s appointments or treatments: While it is understandable that you may need to reschedule an appointment or two to accommodate work and family life, continually skipping medical appointments can harm your case as the insurance company can claim you are not as injured as you claim because you are not going to appointments. To aid your case and your recovery, stick to all required medical appointments recommended by your physician.
  4. Failing to hire an experienced car accident attorney: Retaining the assistance of a skilled automobile accident attorney is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure the success of your case. Your attorney will play a critical role in mounting a strong case that seeks to obtain full compensation for your car accident related injuries.

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