A sprained ankle or broken toe may take a few weeks or one month to heal, while more severe foot injuries may take months to heal and even require surgery. Even though minor foot injuries may heal quickly, they still pose a risk of permanent harm to many injured individuals. Seemingly minor foot injuries sustained from a car accident (or any accident) have the potential to lead to permanent injuries in the future.

What You Should Know About Foot Injuries and Arthritis

It is not uncommon for a car accident victim to suffer foot injuries. Examples of such injuries include the following:

  • Fractured, shattered, or broken bones;
  • Severely sprained ankle;
  • Smashed toes;
  • The need for amputation; and
  • Torn ligaments and tendons.

The above-listed foot injuries can be quite severe and require extensive medical treatment. Many of these injuries still may allow a person to recover fully, although, the path to rehabilitation may be difficult. Regardless of a person’s age at the time he or she sustains foot injuries resulting from an accident, but arthritis is a serious condition that can develop in the foot and prove to be quite debilitating.

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Arthritis can be extremely painful to the point where a person may have difficulty walking and completing life’s daily tasks. As such, anyone who has sustained serious foot injuries resulting from an accident should be aware of just how significant the impact such injuries can have on a long-term basis.

The Consequences of Foot Injuries Leading to Arthritis

While a broken bone may heal, and a person may recover from a sprained ankle, arthritis is a condition that is typically permanent. Arthritis is not reversible but is a condition that can be manageable with a particular treatment plan for each patient depending on the severity.

Arthritis is a condition that requires frequent doctor visits, prescription medications, physical therapy, limitations on activity, and other guidelines an injured person must follow to ensure he or she remains as pain-free as possible. The need for constant medical treatment is not only a financial cost for an injured person, but it takes a toll on his or her quality of life as well. Therefore, if you have suffered any type of foot injury because of someone else’s negligence, contact our Jonesboro Personal Injury Attorneys at Montlick for a free consultation to learn about your legal rights and options.

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