This is the time of year when millions of people flock to grocery stores, department stores and malls to go shopping for their summer vacation needs or back to school supplies. Along with this surge in traffic comes the risk of parking lot accidents. These types of accidents occur all the time, but are much more prevalent during the busy summer months and just before the school year begins. It is understandable that with the hot weather, people want to find the closest parking spots available to avoid being outside for more than a few minutes. However, many parking lot accidents occur when people are fighting parking spots and not paying attention to their surroundings.

In order to reduce your chances of being in a parking lot accident, follow the five steps described below, among others. While following these steps does not guarantee you won’t be involved in a parking lot accident, they may at least help minimize the risk.

Carpool If you choose to brave the streets and malls during the summer season, try your best to find family members and friends to ride along with. This allows you to accomplish your shopping goals with one less car on the roadway. Also, traveling with others will prevent you from having to worry about fighting for a parking space or fighting that urge to become frustrated with other drivers.

Don’t Rush Regardless of how quickly you make it to your destination, and no matter where you park, it will always be crowded. Rushing to find a parking space only adds to the already stressful tension of multiple cars fighting for those last few parking spaces. If you try to beat another car to a particular parking space, you will create stress not only for yourself, but for other drivers and pedestrians making their way to and from their cars.

Don’t Waste Your Time Waiting For That Close Parking Space – While it is important not to rush yourself, it is also a good idea to park in the first space you can find, even if it means that you could have a long walk to the store entrance. If you wait around for the best parking space in the lot, you create traffic congestion and frustrate other drivers. Even if the weather is bitter hot outside, a few extra minutes of walking may be worth the time.

Look in All Directions When Backing Out of a Parking Space – One of the most common types of parking lot accidents occurs when a car is pulling out and does not see traffic driving by. The visibility can be low in parking lots, so you must always back out slowly and very carefully. Drivers who are passing you also have a responsibility to notice you and drive carefully to avoid hitting you.

Read and Follow All Traffic Signs – Many mall entrances now require that cars entering the parking lot turn immediately right or left. This creates confusion for many drivers as the natural inclination may be to stop and treat the entrance as an all-way intersection. It also leads drivers who are supposed to stop to assume that cars entering the parking lot must also stop. Many accidents occur when drivers make such assumptions and drive through the parking lot intersections, causing a collision.

Whatever the cause may be, parking lot accidents can be just as frustrating and dangerous as any other automobile accident. Cars sustain damage, and people may suffer injuries.

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