Many driver of passenger vehicles like cars, SUVs and pickup trucks have never ridden a motorcycle so they have no more than a passing familiarity with the hazards faced by motorcyclist. The general lack of knowledge that driver of other types of passenger vehicles have about motorcycles contributes to a fair amount of Georgia motorcycle accidents in the Atlanta metro area and surrounding vicinity. Because increased driver awareness of the limitations and hazards faced by motorcycle enthusiast might reduce crashes, our Atlanta motorcycle crash attorneys have provided key facts all drivers should know about motorcycles.

Fact #1: While some people presume that motorcycle crashes are the product of rider inexperience or the inherent handling limitations of motorcycles, most crashes that involve motorcycles and another vehicle are caused by the driver of the other vehicle. Since motorists are unfamiliar with motorcycles, they often mentally tune out the possibility of bikes being present.

Fact #2: The size of a motorcycle can create an optical illusion so that it appears like it is farther away and moving slower that other vehicles. When drivers of passenger vehicle execute turns or change lanes, they need to be aware that a motorcycle may be much closer because of the way the brain processes distance and speed information based on the size of objects.

Fact #3: Motorcyclists frequently slow down by rolling off the throttle or downshifting so they frequently slow without the brake lights being activated. A greater following distance may be appropriate when following a motorcycle because motorists will not necessarily have the benefit of a visual warning from a rider’s taillight.

Fact #4: Many motorcycles do not have turn signals that automatically turn off. Many inexperienced riders forget to turn their signal off after turning, pulling into traffic or changing lanes so drivers need to be aware that motorcycle turn signals may be misleading.

Fact #5: Motorists can avoid hitting a motorcyclist by taking an extra moment to look for a bike and rider because of the narrow profile of motorcycles. This inherent design feature of motorcycles means that the vehicle are more likely to be lost in blind spots or obscured by objects or backgrounds.

When drivers of passenger vehicles fail to focus their attention on the roadway and exercise reasonable care for the safety of motorcyclists, the consequences can be passenger vehicle-motorcycle collisions that cause permanent debilitating injuries and even the death of a father, child sibling or other loved one. While negligent motorists that cause injury to those traveling my by motorcycle may be financially responsible for the harm that they cause, it is important to seek prompt legal advice so that your claim is not barred by any legal time deadline, known as statute of limitations.

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