Serious car or truck accidents can inflict devastating injuries to the eyes of an accident victim. The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, as reported in a research study concerning the problem, suggests that over 75,000 eye injuries occurred following car or truck accidents between the years 2001 and 2008. Motor vehicle accidents present considerable hazards to the eye, sending potential shrapnel flying, airbags deployed, rapid changes in velocity, and more. Any eye injury can have serious, potentially permanent affects and accident victims could require considerable time to recover from these injuries.

At Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, our car accident lawyers understand how a bad traffic accident can affect victims in the worst ways. Sustaining damage to your eyes or vision is one of the most serious injuries you can experience. Any accident victim with an eye injury can face considerable medical bills, time off work, and ongoing disability. Our firm fights for the recovery of our injured car accident victims with compassion and zeal.

Signs of an Eye Injury

Following a car accident, eye injuries are not always apparent. If the accident victim has sustained physical damage to the eye, paramedics will know to treat that damage. However, at times, damage to the eye can be internal or linked to an unrealized head injury. Some signs of a potentially serious eye injury, which could also be associated with a brain injury, include, among others:

• Blurred vision
• Memory problems
• Light sensitivity
• Double vision
• Difficulty maintaining visual contact
• Loss of vision in one’s field of view
• Reading difficulty
• Sore eyes
• Reduced concentration
• Inability to track, or follow something with one’s eyes
• Lack of depth perception
• Inability to focus your vision

Eye problems linked to head injuries must be closely investigated. There are several common causes for such eye problems, including damage to specific nerves within the body. These injuries must be rapidly addressed as they could lead to hemorrhaging and long term negative effects. Any car accident victim should be closely assessed if they begin to show signs of vision loss or sudden vision changes. Doctors will generally use imaging studies, such as CT scan or MRI, to uncover the route of the problem.

Retinal Detachment

In high impact accidents involving head trauma, retinal detachment is a considerable threat. Damage to the retina can require surgical intervention. Doctors will attempt to reattach the retina as soon as possible before permanent blindness can occur. Retinal detachment is a medical emergency and some accident victims will experience long term effects.

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