Obtaining the assistance of a licensed Douglasville, GA personal injury attorney in order to pursue your claim is tantamount to your success. Some accident victims elect to forgo the assistance of an attorney in an attempt to bring their claim on their own. However, this can be a costly mistake for personal injury victims facing immense property damage, medical bills, and time off work. Those who proceed without an attorney will often miss critical steps in the legal process and accept settlements of far less than what they could have recovered with the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney.

A personal injury attorney with knowledge, experience, and dedication will add tremendous value to your case, notably in the following ways:

  1. Investigation: The success of personal injury claims can hinge on the strength of the investigations conducted. A strong personal injury claim also requires extensive investigation, starting as soon as possible after the accident. Investigations can include photographing the scene of the accident and any vehicles involved, reviewing and obtaining police reports, interviewing witnesses, and much more. In claims where the at-fault driver’s insurance company disputes liability, a professional accident investigator may be needed to uncover evidence to prove negligence. For instance, after a car accident, investigations should include reviewing the phone records of the other vehicle involved if there is any chance the driver was talking on the phone, of if he or she was sending or receiving a text message. Evidence of distraction could prove crucial to your car accident case and will likely not be discovered without the assistance of a thorough attorney.
  2. Negotiation: Personal injury claims will generally involve everything from negotiating settlements to agreeing on pre-trial evidentiary matters. Careful negotiation is a skill in which your experienced personal injury attorney will play a critical role. Successful negotiation carried out by an attorney can even allow you to avoid the time and expense of having to file a lawsuit.
  3. Courtroom experience: With any personal injury case, there is the chance that the case may proceed to trial or might not settle until some time is spent in court. Courtroom litigation requires extensive experience, and even if your case never sees the inside of a courtroom, as most do not, securing representation by a firm of experienced litigators will greatly increase the likelihood of a strong settlement. This is because the insurance company will most likely prefer to avoid a courtroom battle with a reputable team of attorneys.
  4. Legal knowledge: Perhaps most importantly, your personal injury attorney will add value to your case with his or her knowledge of the law. He or she will also understand the various categories of damages to which you are entitled and can use this legal knowledge to guide you toward a recovery.

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