At Montlick Injury Attorneys in Conyers, GA, we know that expert witnesses can be an extremely valuable part of many personal injury lawsuits. Some types of expert witnesses that we use in Conyers Personal Injury Cases include medical professionals, toxicologists, economists, pharmaceutical scientists, product experts, and others.

An expert provides technical skill, knowledge, and experience, which can be critical in analyzing complex factual evidence for a variety of purposes including:

  • Interpreting physical evidence and witness testimony to understand an accident
  • Explaining complex phenomena in terms a lay jury can understand
  • Establishing a basis for the admissibility of scientific evidence
  • Providing financial analysis of complex fiscal issues (such as valuing future economic loss)
  • Analyzing factual data to reach conclusions in scientific or specialized areas of knowledge
  • Evaluating product manufacturing practices and processes
  • Explaining the impact of drugs and other chemicals in causing injuries

Our Conyers personal injury attorneys work with knowledgeable and effective experts who often provide impressive supporting testimony so that we can obain the best results in your personal injury case. We may use a toxicologist who can explain the impact of a defective drug, a medical expert to testify regarding the seriousness of your injuries or a forensic accountant who can help a jury place a monetary value on difficult-to-quantify damages like pain and suffering, the present value of future lost income or the value of lost enjoyment of life activities. These experts are used both in settling cases before going to court or trial and in the courtroom.

In personal injury litigation, the court must rule on the admissibility of scientific and medical evidence so it is important to have an expert witness to present medical and scientific testimony. Some cases like medical malpractice cases cannot proceed without evidence provided by a medical expert.

Our attorneys use expert testimony to serve two separate functions in personal injury cases. We may use experts to analyze the facts and circumstances of your auto accident, dangerous drug lawsuit, or other accident case to develop theories of liability and causation that can effectively be used in developing a settlement or litigation strategy. For example, a quality assurance engineer may be hired to assess whether a product is defective in some way that might endanger a consumer. Experts employed for this function may never testify in court. The other function for which we use experts is to testify in court about their findings. Their testimony is used to explain complex issues, technical information or scientific data and knowledge and/or provide expert opinions regarding issues like liability and causation. Generally, expert witnesses are allowed to provide opinion evidence whereas other witnesses are only allowed to testify on their factual observations.

The two most common experts we use in personal injury cases, particularly motor vehicle accident cases, are accident reconstruction experts to provide an explanation of how the accident occurred and economic and vocational experts to explain the extent of your loss and future disability. An economist or forensic accountant can help explain in understandable terms how to quantify the current value of your lost future income based on permanent disability and loss of enjoyment of life. They will often refute optimistic medical conclusions provided by experts hired by the other driver’s insurance company who may provide overly optimistic conclusions about your prognosis and degree of disability. An accident reconstruction expert can also help explain the manipulations that caused your injuries by analyzing the force and impact on your body. Montlick Injury Attorneys are dedicated to providing exceptional service as part of our ongoing goal of being the top personal injury lawyers in Conyers.