A man suffered permanent injury to his back, shoulder and neck in a freeway accident when a van driven by a county employee plowed into the auto accident victim’s car. The auto accident victim was stopped on the freeway because of bumper to bumper traffic.

The county van driven by the defendant slammed into the 57-year-old accident victim’s vehicle from behind at a high rate of speed, causing a chain reaction crash so that the victim’s vehicle was impacted in the rear then collided with the vehicle in front of it.

The county employee admitted seeing that traffic was stopped and failing to stop prior to colliding with the accident victim’s car. The auto accident lawsuit based the county employee’s fault on following too close and driving at an unsafe speed. The traffic accident report concluded that the county employee was at-fault for the chain reaction collision.

The car accident injury victim underwent multiple invasive surgeries on his shoulder, neck and back, but the surgeries were unsuccessful in relieving the pain caused by his injuries. The medical treatment used to repair the damage and relieve the car accident victim’s pain included not only the aforementioned significant surgical procedures, but also epidural injections, pain medications, and use of a neck brace. Despite all of these medical treatments, the car crash victim will experience a lifetime of pain and permanent total disability.

The injuries suffered in the car accident left the accident victim permanently disabled so that he could not continue his $4,000 per month job as a maintenance supervisor. Because of the accident victim’s age, lack of education, and physical inability to engage in manual labor after the car accident, he was determined to be permanently unable to make a living. This auto accident lawsuit settled for $950,000 approximately three years after the accident.

Auto Accident Claims: Demystifying the Process

Back, neck and shoulder injuries are among the most common injuries suffered in a Georgia auto accident. If you suffer these types of injuries in a car crash, the process of determining the value of your claim can seem so complicated that the process is almost mystical. While evaluating an auto accident claim can be complex, much of this complexity is related to the number of factors that impact an auto accident claim, including, by way of example only, the facts, whether liability is contested, the credibility of witnesses, physical evidence, extent of injuries and the documentation of same, credibility of expert witnesses, county where the case would go to trial (even if the case is settled, this is still a factor in determining value), extent of lost wages, whether there is any permanent partial or total disability, ability to document key issues going to monetary losses, extent of property damage, the applicable law, whether any rules of the road have been violated, the age of the injured party, whether there was any contributory negligence, and even your own actions following an accident can impact the value of your car accident claim or lawsuit. An experienced Georgia auto accident attorney can analyze all of these factors and give you a good idea of the value of your claim.

We understand that for most people being involved in a Georgia auto accident, the personal injury claim may be the first time you have had to deal with insurance companies, lawyers and the legal system. One of the most powerful tools available to you in maximizing the value of your auto accident claim is to understand the process, and to seek representation and counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney or law firm that regularly handles auto accident claims.

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