If you have been injured in a car accident, you might feel confident that the responsibility for the accident lies with the other driver. You witnessed the accident occur and saw negligent behavior that should eliminate your responsibility. However, proving your case to the court will require strong evidence as to fault and damages.

To obtain a full recovery for your injuries and vehicle damage, you and your attorney should attempt to uncover the following crucial evidence:

Police Reports

One of the first documents you will have is the police report. As officers of the law, police officers are given a high standard of reputability and the police report will be important to your case. When a police officer arrives at the scene of the accident, he or she will take full notes on the accident. The officer will generally record the location and damage to the vehicles, license plate numbers, injuries, witness names and statements as well as discussions with the parties involved.

Witness Testimony

The testimony of witnesses to the accident can prove vital to your case. The more firsthand accounts that corroborate your perspective as to the accident, the stronger your case will be. As such, it is important that you take down names, phone numbers, addresses and brief accounts from witnesses following the accident. If you are injured and unable to conduct this vital step, your attorney can assist you in tracking down witnesses. The police report can also serve as a starting point for uncovering witnesses to support your case.

Medical Bills, Vehicle Damages, and Other Evidence of Damages

You will need to prove your claim for damages by providing evidence of your losses associated with the accident. This will generally include providing copies of all medical bills and projections as to future medical expenses. Pictures and visuals of the damages to your vehicle are also significant as to the issue of fault because they can show where and how hard your vehicle was hit. You will also need to show documentation of any other losses, which will likely include lost wages and pain and suffering. The more documentation you can provide on the issue of damages, the stronger your case will be.

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