The last thing that people think about before they speed off on an electric scooter is the idea that they might end up in an accident. If, in the event you or a member of your family has been hurt or killed in an e-scooter accident, there several reasons why hiring an experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive Georgia e-scooter injury lawyer to can be a critical step to navigating the claims process and receiving maximum compensation under the law for your injuries.

E-scooters, also known as “dockless scooters,” are a relatively new mode of transportation in many U.S. cities. Bird and Lime have invested in e-scooters as an alternative to walking to and from the office. E-scooters are their proposed solution to the problem of “first mile, last mile.” In other words, scooters fill the gap between using public transportation or, alternatively your own vehicle, when traveling between work and home. E-scooters are also an attractive alternative to pricier modes of transportation such as Uber and Lyft for cash-strapped yet technologically savvy college students.

The large incidence of injuries and deaths from the use of E-scooters has raised public awareness, including an increased amount of claims against the companies. User agreements that Lime and Bird use are resoundingly favorable to the companies, with the intent of shielding themselves from products liability claims that allege the scooters are defective in some way, or that the companies has failed to warn consumers of limitations to the scooters. However, these agreements may not necessarily be enforceable, depending on the location where a given incident occurred. Moreover, users have sustained injuries from numerous issues associated with problems with the devices, such as, by way of example, faulty brakes, or that the company has been unclear to the public of the maximum speed of the scooters when traveling down inclines.

Since dockless scooters are mostly being used in urban areas with significant motor vehicle traffic, many accidents are also being caused by negligent drivers. These types of accidents have raised questions as to whether users should be on the roadway or the sidewalk, or should be treated legally as pedestrians or other motorists or bicyclists. Regardless, if you have injured because a negligent driver while riding a deckles scooter, you can pursue a claim against the negligent driver. Additionally, your own auto insurance (if you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage) can provide coverage for your accident as well.

Injury plaintiffs injured in scooter accidents can, under the law, pursue claims for valuable compensation, including compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, Pain and Suffering and more. Do not delay in seeking legal assistance, as you have a limited amount of time to pursue a claim.

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