According to an article posted on LAPROGRESSIVE.COM, there are several dangerous myths circulating about motorcycle use.

As most people understand, motorcycles can be a dangerous mode of transportation due to the lack of a steel frame, seatbelts, airbags, and other auto-related safety devices and equipment. To help keep motorcyclists safe, we are debunking the most common myths concerning motorcycle safety.

The Five Most Common Myths About Motorcycles – DEBUNKED

  1. Helmets Can Cause More Harm Than Good – Most states require motorcyclists to wear a DOT-Approved motorcycle helmet when operating a motorcycle. Other states, such as New Hampshire or Florida, do not require riders to wear a motorcycle helmet. The most dangerous myth about motorcycle helmets is that motorcycle helmets can cause a neck fracture when the biker is thrown off a motorcycle. According to, studies show that riders who wear a helmet are less likely to sustain neck injuries than those riders who do not wear a helmet. This is due to the special “cushioning abilities” of DOT-Approved helmets.
  2. Loud Exhaust Pipes Alert Others to the Motorcycle’s Presence – Many motorcyclists believe that by having a loud motorcycle, motorists will be more aware of their presence, and this will reduce the risk of being cut off by other motorists. This is a myth since vehicles in front of the motorcycle generally cannot hear the louder exhaust pipes, and therefore, there will not result in increased driver awareness.
  3. Racing Tires Are Safer Than Standard Road Tires – This is a myth that is only true under extreme racing environments and at speeds much higher than interstate speed limits. This is because racing tires are designed to grip the pavement as they become superheated. In other words, any improvement gained by racing tires would not be ordinarily experienced off the racetrack. Also, race tires tend to be less safe on wet pavement due to the lack of tire grooves.
  4. Lay the Bike Down if You Expect to Be in a Wreck to Sustain Fewer Injuries – Usually, accidents happen so quickly that there is very little time to react. Many bikers mistakenly believe that by “laying down” their motorcycle, they reduce their risk of being thrown off the motorcycle, causing more fatal head injuries. However, this generally increases your chance of being run over or pinned underneath the motorcycle or other motor vehicles, which could be extremely dangerous.
  5. Anti-lock Brakes Do Not Stop a Motorcycle Faster Than Conventional Brakes – There have been many studies conducted to determine the truth about stopping distance and braking systems. Studies have proven that regardless of the road conditions and driver experience, anti-lock brakes stop motorcycles faster.

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