Serious car accidents can rapidly change an injury victim’s life by causing injuries resulting in permanent mental and physical impairment that may impact a car accident victim’s ability to fully participate in normal life activities and engage in one’s chosen occupation.

While a personal injury claim or civil lawsuit can provide financial compensation for one’s loss, it cannot restore one’s physical or mental functioning or eliminate the pain and hardship caused by serious injuries. When one seeks financial compensation by filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit following a serious motor vehicle accident, it can be essential to obtaining monetary compensation for one’s injuries to cover medical expenses, lost income and other costs.

Unfortunately, even this imperfect solution can be challenging when the evidence is in dispute, making the litigation of a car accident lawsuit more difficult. Many times the parties involved in a car accident will have completely conflicting accounts of how an accident occurred. This does not necessarily mean either party is being dishonest. Car accidents occur quickly and are unexpected so they can result in different perceptions of the facts and circumstances surrounding a car accident. When our experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers investigate a collision, we consider a wide range of evidence.

Types of evidence that our Atlanta car accident law firm may consider when attempting to develop strategies on the issues of fault (i.e. negligence) and causation include the following:

  • Law enforcement accident report
  • Witness statements
  • Video footage if available (i.e. red light cameras or surveillance videos from businesses)
  • Pictures of vehicle damage and positions of the vehicles
  • Public records regarding prior accidents in the location
  • Analysis of medical experts
  • Visual inspection of the vehicles and any debris
  • Medical records

GPS systems may provide a new type of evidence that may have increasing value in proving disputed issues in Atlanta car accidents. GPS devices have increasing ability to provide a record of speed and location for vehicles prior to an accident. If a vehicle is equipped with GPS, it may provide valuable evidence including the following:

  • Speed prior to the accident or when approaching an intersection
  • Whether a vehicle came to a complete stop at an intersection
  • Which vehicle arrived at the intersection first and had right of way
  • The directions of travel for the vehicles prior to the collision

While our experienced Atlanta car accident law firm has been representing personal injury victims since 1984, we continue to evolve in our methods of investigation and technology.