Auto Accident Attorneys Discuss Complex Legal Issues Raised by Multiple Vehicle Traffic Accidents

Multi-car pileups can be one of the deadliest types of car crashes because of the number of vehicles involved and the risk of multiple impacts. Auto collisions that involve a chain reaction with several cars are not uncommon on highways with heavy traffic and factors like road hazards, limited visibility, and inclement weather. While some of these accidents could be avoided if motorists adjusted their driving to fit the conditions, many drivers disregard conditions that necessitate increased caution. In this blog, our auto accident attorneys provide an overview of information regarding multi-car pileup accidents.

When drivers fail to slow down, devote a hundred percent of their attention to the road, or exercise extra care given a lack of visibility, adverse driving conditions create the risk of a collision causing debilitating injuries or wrongful death. Although alcohol-impaired drivers always present a danger to other motorists, this risk increases in these types of adverse conditions because drunk drivers often cannot respond effectively to potential hazards.

The many parties involved in a multi-car pileup can make pursuing a personal injury claim complicated. When several drivers are involved in a collision, special challenges arise for proving fault. Multiple parties may be liable based on the chain reaction nature of the collision. While Driver A might be at fault for injuries to Driver B, Driver B might be liable for injuries to Driver C, etc. These situations can complicate matters regarding the proper party to against whom to pursue an injury claim as well as analyzing the amount of insurance available to pay your claim.

Insurance issues also can be difficult to navigate when you are injured in a multi-car accident. The insurance companies for the different parties will attempt to blame parties other than their insured. This matrix of competing targets of blame makes it important that you consult with an auto accident attorney at Montlick Injury Attorneys to learn about your legal rights and options if you have been in an accident that you believe was caused by negligence.