There are about 6 million auto accidents that occur every year, which involve only one car. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 23,000 fatal crashes took place in recent years involving a single car compared to around 17,500 fatal crashes that involved more than one car.

What causes these accidents when there is only one car involved?

The driver of the vehicle can sometimes be held responsible, but in other instances there are circumstances that exist that are out of the driver’s control that can cause these types of accidents. These can include some of the following:

  • Poor weather conditions can cause slick slippery roads (but a driver of course must drive at a safe speed for whatever conditions are known.)
  • A vehicle can have a design or manufacturing flaw that causes it to malfunction
  • The driver swerves to avoid hazards in the road like dead animals, objects that have fallen out of other vehicles, car accidents, a person on a bicycle, or other drivers

When a driver has to make unforeseen maneuvers quickly and with no time to think, it can often result in the car running off the road, rolling over, or striking a stationary object. These types of accidents can cause serious injury and even death. If you were driving your car and were involved in a single car accident, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney before speaking with your insurance company.


Unless there is minimal damage, it is usually prudent to promptly report a claim to your insurance company to comply wtih any notice requirements in your policy. Sometimes your insurance company will just assume the auto accident was your fault, which is where the expertise of an experienced Georgia auto attorney can help. The insurance company will typically offer a really low settlement offer that might not be enough to cover the cost of your medical expenses. Remember, the adjuster works for the insurance company not for you. At Montlick & Associates we only work for accident victms, and fight hard to protect your rights.

A skilled attorney can conduct an investigation into the accident using resources available to them, and gain evidence that will help you in recovering the full amount of the damages that may be owed to you. Our Georgia personal injury attorneys work to identify all potential defendants whose negligence may have contributed to our client’s auto accident. If the accident is a result of a faulty part on the vehicle or of faulty design, then your attorney may be able to file a lawsuit against the car manufacturer, car retailer and any other entity that may be responsible for the defective part. These lawsuits can be complicated and intimidating because the defendants are large corporations. Public entities may also be liable for your single car accident if it was caused by a poorly designed or inadequately maintained roadway.

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