There are many types of collisions involving motorcycles that can cause life-altering injuries and wrongful death. The specific nature of the accident will determine the negligent conduct, responsible parties and the types of injuries.

Regardless of the specific type of motorcycle crash, motorcycle enthusiasts face a disproportionate risk of experiencing the types of devastating injuries that alter every aspect of one’s life. Our experienced Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates handle all types of motorcycle collision cases including:

Impaired Visibility Collisions: Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles so that they are difficult to see in dense traffic. These challenges are increased by fog, heavy rain or darkness that further limits visibility. When a driver of a passenger vehicle cannot see a motorcycle, the driver may violate a motorcycle enthusiast’s right of way.

Single Vehicle Motorcycle Accidents: Single motorcycle accidents are generally caused by road defects like potholes or cargo that fall off vehicles and create road obstructions. When public entities know or should know that the road surface is unsafe or that there is debris in the roadway, they may have a legal duty to correct the hazard before a motorcycle “wipes out.” The owner of a vehicle that drops debris into the road, such as from a dump truck, is responsible for the dangerous condition they create. Single vehicle motorcycle accidents can also occur when a bike has defective components like tires that fail or a steering wobble.

Rear-end Impact Motorcycle Accidents: Drivers of cars, trucks or SUVs that fail to concentrate on the road ahead or misjudge speed and distance can slam into bikes from behind. While rear-end accidents involving passenger vehicles are frequently minor fender benders, rear-end motorcycle collisions are extremely dangerous because of the lack of stability of bikes and the risk that the bike or rider will be thrown into traffic.

Other Motorcycle Accidents: While the above are common types of motorcycle accidents, others include left turn motorcycle crashes, side-impact motorcycle accidents, unsafe lane changing motorcycle collisions and intersection motorcycle accidents.

When our Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys represent clients, we investigate to identify the cause or causes of the collision and to identify all responsible parties. Depending on the circumstances, we may file a claim or lawsuit against unsafe drivers of passenger vehicles, defective motor vehicle manufacturers and public agencies that fail to construct or maintain safe roadways.

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