There is an 80 percent chance of injury when a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident according to recent reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The federal agency’s research also reveals that out of the many painful injuries a rider may suffer, a broken leg is one of the most prevalent. Motorcyclists typically suffer this broken bone when the rider’s lower leg gets caught up under a falling motorcycle and the tibia – which is the load-bearing bone between the knee and ankle – snaps.

Most of these fractures can be set in a long leg cast, but other times the breaks have too much displacement so surgery is required. Considering the severity of the fracture and the age and general health of the motorcycle rider, healing time can take anywhere from three to six months. Motorcyclists also frequently suffer breaks to the fibula, which is the long, thinner bone of the two bones in the lower leg. Complications can ensue as well during treatment and recovery, such as when the wound becomes infected.

Since it is a common reaction for riders to throw out their arms to try and stop the fall, broken arms and wrists also are often reported. Depending on the angle and speed of impact, bones break in a number of different ways and take varying amounts of time to heal. For a standard broken wrist, most people need about eight weeks or so for the bone to mend and the wrist to function as it did before the accident. In the case of compound or multiple fractures, the healing process can take much longer.

Some bone breaks can require doctors to stabilize the leg or arm with a steel rod so it stays set correctly, which may be followed by a long and difficult rehabilitation. While the path to recovery grinds on, there are no guarantees that the leg or arm will ever completely heal so use of the limb may be permanently limited. Because permanent disability is possible, motorcyclists should be vigilant about follow-up care and physical therapy.

The NHTSA report also indicates that some motorcycle riders suffer a dislocated shoulder when they are in a motorcycle crash. While this injury is not a fracture and may be less severe, a dislocation injury can be very painful and still lead to a long-term disability. Other injuries typically suffered in motorcycle wrecks include punctured lungs, chest trauma, road rash, broken ribs, and head injuries.

A motorcycle accident happens in a split second but can have consequences that last for years, if not forever. Along with emergency room and subsequent hospital bills that seem to just keep on coming, some injuries force riders out of work during the healing process. Some motorcycle accident injuries involving broken bones still require physical therapy long after the cast has been removed. It is this kind of injury that can lead to serious financial trouble that make a successful personal injury claim especially important to one’s financial, physical and emotional recovery.

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