Each year, millions of Americans will be involved in a car accident. Some accidents will be minor fender benders, while others might inflict catastrophic damage. Being involved in a car accident is always a frightening experience, but it can become even more overwhelming if you make crucial mistakes at the scene of the accident or in the days following the crash. At times, the mistakes made early on behalf of injured victims can come back to haunt them when their claim is rejected or disputed.

If you have been injured in an accident anywhere in Georgia or the Southeast, you should try to avoid making the following four common mistakes:

  1. Speaking automatically: While you will need to respond to certain questions by police officers, speaking automatically when not questioned can have big consequences. For instance, let’s say you are involved in a rear end accident and you get out of the car and say, “I’m sorry.” The other driver then goes on to tell you what you did wrong. When the insurance company examines the crash, they may attempt to say you were at fault for the accident due to your statement, even if you were not. Another example is responding that you are “ok” when asked by an insurance agent or even an emergency responder. This often automatic response can be damaging to your case when you are in fact injured.
  2. Not keeping records or gathering information: If you are able to, you should take photos immediately following the accident. Obtain contact information from possible witnesses and exchange information with the other drivers involved. If you are transported to the hospital and thus unable to take these steps, at least try to later write down all you can remember from the accident and the moments preceding it.
  3. Waiting to seek assistance: In the aftermath of an accident, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Delays can exacerbate your injuries that you might not even realize exist and can harm your legal claim. The second thing you should never wait in doing is seeking the assistance of an automobile accident attorney, who can preserve evidence. The sooner you seek legal assistance, the stronger your case and the greater the likelihood of you obtaining a full recovery.
  4. Signing papers: Your insurance company or other parties involved in the action may attempt to force you to sign waivers or other legal documents that will prevent or hinder your action. Do not sign any papers until you have consulted with a personal injury attorney and had him or her thoroughly review the documents.

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