Technology continues to expand at an exponential rate, and it seems like every day there is another new device to enter the marketplace. Whether it is the new iPhone, Android, or tablet, electronic devices are proving to be just one of many distractions that lead to unnecessary automobile accidents in Georgia as well as in the Southeast. In addition to electronic devices, your traditional distractions of loud music, eating, talking to passengers and not keeping your eye on the road, and putting on makeup or looking in the mirror, among many others, continue to play a role in some accidents that result in serious injuries.

Despite Increased Awareness, Texting While Driving Continues to be a Dangerous Distraction

When thinking about texting or speaking on the phone while driving, you may agree that such conduct is dangerous, and that you yourself should not do it. However, you may find yourself texting here and there, regardless of the risks. This is a common occurrence given that we are so connected, and that our immediate response is expected any time we receive an incoming message. Waiting fifteen minutes until your destination may seem like an eternity, especially when it is so easy for you to just type a few words. Whether or not you have found yourself texting or speaking on the phone while driving, you would likely agree that anyone injured in an accident as a result of such conduct should seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

Other Distractions that Lead to Automobile Accidents in Georgia

Although technological devices are the cause of numerous accidents, listening to very loud music and paying too much attention to passengers are still common reasons why some Georgia automobile accidents occur. For example, a driver may have the music up so loud that the driver cannot hear an emergency vehicle’s sirens, or perhaps another vehicle is honking to get your attention, and you are unable to hear it. Loud music makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a driver to be completely aware of his or her surroundings. The ability to listen for roadway occurrences is essential to reducing the risk of being involved in an automobile accident.

Additionally, having a significant number of passengers in a vehicle can be very distracting, and can limit the driver’s range of site, as well as his or her focus due to frequent conversations while driving. By not being able to see or hear clearly, a driver may switch lanes and strike a car he or she was not able to hear or visualize. If you have suffered injuries as a result of any distracted driver’s conduct, it is imperative that you determine if you have a potential case. Injuries are costly on a mental, physical, and financial level. As such, you need as much legal guidance as possible to determine whether you have a valid personal injury claim and what steps you need to take to protect your legal rights.

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