Motorcycles offer a cost-efficient means of transportation for commuters and a pleasurable way to enjoy the open road on weekends. If you ride in and around Atlanta, you know that unfortunately there are a number of drivers of passenger vehicles that appear to show little regard for the safety or motorcyclists. The lack of courtesy shown by drivers of cars, trucks and SUVs toward those who ride motorcycles often causes life-altering injuries or fatalities.

During 2013, 4,668 people died in motorcycle accidents according to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Because motorcycles offer less protection and stability, riders are 36 times more likely to die when operating a motorcycle than when driving a passenger car. When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you do not have the protection of seat belts, airbags or a passenger compartment. Motorcycles also are relatively small, so they are more likely not to be noticed by an inattentive driver. Our Fulton County motorcycle accident lawyers have provided a summary of some of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes.

Lane Splitting: While lane splitting is not legal in Georgia, some riders engage in this unsafe riding practice. Lane splitting involves a bike straddling the barrier between two lanes, so the driver is not necessarily riding fully within a single lane. This maneuver is an accident waiting to happen because drivers of passenger cars do not expect to see motorcycles straddling two lanes.

Left Turn Accidents: Approximately four in ten motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who make left turns in front of a motorcyclist. This type of crash can occur when a motorcyclist tries to overtake a vehicle without knowing that a vehicle is about to turn left straight into the rider’s path.

Distracted Driving: While distracted drivers cause collisions involving people operating all types of vehicles, inattentive drivers pose an especially serious risk to motorcyclists. Motorcycles are smaller, which makes a distracted driver more likely to fail to notice a bike. If you are a motorcyclist, it goes without saying you should never attempt to use a cell phone or engage in other multi-tasking behavior when operating a motorcycle.

Speeding: Many motorcycle accidents are caused by driving at an unsafe speed according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). When the driver of a car or motorcycle exceeds the speed limit, the increased stopping distance increases the risk of a crash. Because a motorcycle is relatively unstable, sudden maneuvers to avoid a speeding driver can lead to a loss of control of a motorcycle.

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