While companies that provide deliveries of goods to homes and businesses in Atlanta provide a valuable service, large vehicles used for deliveries can cause devastating injuries when the driver or company fails to exercise sufficient care to avoid causing a crash. If you routinely drive the streets of Atlanta, you are likely to cross paths with delivery vehicles from many companies, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and even the U.S. Postal Service. Because drivers of these vehicles may feel pressure to complete their routes quickly, sometimes delivery drivers violate traffic laws by double parking or engaging in other unsafe driving practices.

Delivery truck accidents in Atlanta can be the product of a number of factors that include but are not limited to the following:

Excessive Load: When trucks, vans and other vehicles are overloaded with cargo, vehicle handling can be adversely impacted so that a driver is more likely to lose control of the vehicle. An overloaded vehicle also will take longer to stop which can increase the risk of a crash.

Rushing Drivers: Drivers trying to meet overly ambitious delivery schedules might be motivated to speed which can potentially increases both the likelihood and severity of collisions. Delivery drivers in a rush also are more likely to make mistakes like failing to look before making a lane change or pulling away from a curb.

Poorly Maintained Delivery Trucks: There are many types of maintenance that can cause collisions involving vehicles making deliveries. Tires that are bald or have unsufficient tire pressure can blowout causing a loss of control of the vehicle. Brakes that are not serviced also can lead to crashes especially with heavy vehicles that require greater stopping distances.

Distracted Driving in Residential Communities: The practice of texting and driving or engaging in other forms of multi-tasking is always unsafe. Motorists who divert their eyes, hands or mind from the road while navigating a residential area in a large delivery truck pose an even more significant risk because of the presence of child pedestrians and bicyclists. The frequent merging of trucks into and out of traffic contributes to collisions when drivers are inattentive or misjudge distance and speed.

Incompetent or Inadequately Trained Drivers: When a delivery company does not properly screen drivers for prior accidents, moving violations or substance abuse, unqualified drivers might end up logging many miles behind the wheels of large trucks and other delivery vehicles. Similarly, delivery companies can put the public at risk by not providing adequate supervision and training of drivers.

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