Hand and wrist injuries are quite common after car accidents in Agusta, GA and elsewhere across the United States. This often happens due to the automatic defense mechanism of those involved in an accident. Drivers and passengers will throw their arms and hands forward in an instinctual effort to protect themselves. The hands and wrist can then be injured due to forcible impact with the airbag, dashboard or another object. In the event of a rollover accident, drivers and passengers might attempt to brace themselves with their hands against the sides of the vehicle or the ceiling, putting pressure on their hands and wrists, resulting in injuries.

In a car accident, the following injuries can damage the hands and wrists:

  • Fractured/broken wrists
  • Twisted wrists
  • Bruising
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Broken bones within the hands
  • Crushed bones
  • Crushed hand
  • Puncture wounds to hands or wrist

Any of these injuries can prove devastating for an accident victim. We rely heavily on our hands for performing our jobs and writing. Even simple daily tasks such as trying to get ourselves dressed, showered and groomed can become extremely difficult when our hand or wrist is seriously injured due to broken bones, crush injuries or others.

The hands and wrists are composed of many small muscles and bones. For this reason, a serious hand or wrist injury will often involve several bones or muscles within the region and can require weeks of treatment and even months of additional physical therapy. Some people who suffer severe hand and wrist injuries in a car accident can find themselves requiring multiple surgeries, months of rehabilitation and lasting pain or mobility limitations.
For these reasons, a hand or wrist injury can be quite costly. This injury might require considerable medical expenses as well as ongoing rehabilitation and at-home care expenses. You could require extensive time off work due to these injuries, dependent upon your profession. Those that type or write for a living, as well as those who perform manual or skilled labor involving the hands or wrists might be unable to perform their jobs for weeks, months, or even longer.

Do not leave yourself paying out of pocket for these expenses or at the mercy of the insurance company. Consult with an skilled auto accident attorney as soon as possible following your collision. He or she will zealously pursue a personal injury action against the at-fault driver to obtain the compensation you deserve. With your attorney’s assistance, you could receive full compensation for your medical expenses, including future expenses, time off work, pain and suffering and more.