Georgia ranks fairly high when it comes to the number of dog bite cases each year based on the number of insurance claims that are filed. A young girl’s story is yet another example of how prevalent dog bites are, and how children make up at least half of all dog bite victims in Georgia. As a three-year-old was petting a small mix breed dog with the owners’ permission, the dog’s originally nice demeanor quickly changed as the dog latched onto the girl’s face, and bit her around one of her eyes. The attack occurred without any warning, and the young girl and her mother had no reason to believe the dog would attack given that the dog’s owners gave permission for the young girl to pet the dog. The dog owners quickly left the scene after the young girl suffered the bite wound, and authorities are still looking for them.

Who is Responsible When a Dog Bites?

Dog bite cases can be tricky as there are always different variables that come into play. For example, when a dog owner gives permission for others to pet his or her dog, that owner is making a statement and taking action that suggests the dog is safe to be around and that the dog will not attack. In such cases, if a dog does ultimately attack, the dog owner can be held accountable.

On the other hand, if a dog owner explicitly tells others not to pet or touch his or her dog, and this request is ignored, any subsequent dog bite may not necessarily be the fault of the dog owner. However, regardless of who may be at fault in any particular dog biting incident, the dog owner may still be on the hook and his or her homeowners’/renters’ insurance policy may have to pay out a claim to the individual who was injured by the dog.

Children Are Most at Risk

Dogs are soft, cute and fluffy, attracting many young children to want to pet them. Parents want their children to be able to experience the joys of dogs, but sometimes such joys can turn dangerous in the blink of an eye. Children are vulnerable to dog bites and attacks for numerous reasons that all parents should be aware of, including the following:

  • Children are small, and may be smaller than the dog they want to pet or touch;
  • Children are not as aware of the true dangers of dog behavior as adults (dog behavior can go from friendly to deadly in seconds without any clear reason);
  • Children do not always listen and may pet or touch a dog despite being told not to;
  • Children may approach a dog in what the dog believes to be an aggressive manner, instead of approaching a dog slowly or letting the dog approach the child; and
  • Children may have pet a certain dog in the past and believe the dog is nice (many dog bite victims are bitten by a dog they already know).

Because children tend to be common dog bite victims, it is imperative that all dog owners and parents take precautionary measures to ensure a child’s innocent intentions to pet or touch a dog does not lead to injuries (which could be permanent) or even death.

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