A young man was tragically killed in a recent roadside accident in DeKalb County. The driver, a local 20-year-old, blew out his tire while driving on the I-285/northbound ramp to I-85/northbound near Spaghetti Junction. He texted his girlfriend telling her of the predicament and said he would change the tire himself, then let her know when he was safely back on the road. Moments later, a passerby struck him as he changed his left rear tire, tragically killing him instantly. Now, his friends and family mourn a life taken too soon, and the public is cautioned not to take roadside repairs into their own hands.

What to Do If You Experience Tire or Other Mechanical Troubles While Driving

Experiencing tire or mechanical problems while traveling on a busy road or freeway can be extremely stressful. Your safety depends on taking appropriate actions in the event of an automobile problem that requires immediate fixing. If your vehicle breaks down on a busy freeway, start by safely moving to the nearest soft shoulder, as far away from traffic as possible. Remain in your vehicle and turn on your emergency flashers to alert other drivers.

If your vehicle is in need of roadside assistance, simply dial 511 or 911 from your cell phone while safely inside your vehicle. Police officers or HERO units will arrive to provide assistance and with the intention of helping to keep you safe. Emergency roadside service members will use flashing lights and block traffic, if necessary. They will either make the needed repair themselves, allow you to do so safely, or call a tow truck.

In addition to these free services offered by the Georgia Department of Transportation, you can also have emergency roadside assistance through your insurance company or AAA. Call your insurance provider if you are unsure of your coverage. Often, for just a few extra dollars, you can add comprehensive emergency roadside assistance that can prove vital if you get a flat tire.

Driver Distraction and Roadside Accidents

Georgia, like many states across the nation, has seen an increase in the number of roadside accidents in recent years. Many believe that distracted driving is behind this rise in accidents. Drivers today are often on their cell phones, fiddling with their GPS or the radio, eating, or engaging in other distracting behaviors. A driver who is looking down or not paying attention is far more likely to cause a roadside accident. High rates of distracted driving make it all the more important for drivers to remain in their vehicles, as far as possible from the road, if they experience car troubles.

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