Chain-reaction collisions can occur for multiple reasons in Georgia. The term “chain-reaction crash” refers to an accident that begins with one collision and leads to several others because of the nature and force of the impact.

Some of the potential causes of chain-reaction crashes include:

Inclement weather – Georgia has many mild and beautiful days, but the state sees its share of rain and winter storms, as well. When weather events cause the roads to become wet and slick and drivers to have lower visibility, crashes tend to occur in much higher numbers. Cars are often following each other closely when visibility is especially poor, contributing to the likelihood of chain-reaction collisions.

Distractions – Distracted driving is a large cause of chain-reaction crashes. When people are paying more attention to their phones than the road, they can easily cause a serious crash. The movement of the first couple of vehicles that crash can then lead to the involvement of more vehicles. Georgia now has a law banning all use of handheld devices while driving, including cell phones.

Driver impairment – Impaired drivers are an extreme risk to other motorists on Georgia’s roadways. Drunk driving crashes result in many fatal accidents every year, and these accidents have the propensity to turn into chain-reaction crashes. Fatigued drivers can also be just as dangerous as drunk drivers, recent studies show.

If you have been involved in a chain-reaction collision in Georgia, contact a Georgia car accident attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will help you pursue needed compensation for your injuries.

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