The growth of technology has created a multitude of distractions for drivers including texting on mobile devices, talking on cell phones, reading Ebooks and playing games or watching movies on iPods. These increasing distractions mean that the number of drivers speeding through red lights and causing fatal accidents will continue to rise. Drivers who run red lights are a leading cause of auto accidents, which result in nearly a thousand fatalities and about 90,000 injuries annually.

While all traffic violations increase the risk of a serious car crash, running red lights is particularly dangerous because the light is presumably directing another driver to proceed directly into the path of the vehicle running the traffic signal. Car crashes that result from running a red light result in someone being injured 46% of the time, which is higher than any other type of car collision. At Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have been representing those seriously injured by drivers who run red lights for over 39 years.

Drivers typically blow through red lights because they are rushing to get to their destination. It is difficult to imagine a reason for being in such a rush that it justifies putting other drivers at risk for serious injury. The prevalence of red lights in Atlanta and other large urban areas reflects the growth of our population and the value of red lights in promoting the safe flow of traffic. Unfortunately, many drivers disregard the meaning of traffic signals and accelerate when they see a yellow light. Drivers who do so risk entering the intersection against a red light and colliding with other vehicles that have a green light.

Another common reason drivers run red lights is that they are distracted or inattentive and simply fail to notice that the traffic light is red. This is an increasing problem as drivers are increasingly using electronic gadgets in their car for everything including reading books, watching movies and communicating with others by voice or text message. If a driver does not see a red light because the driver’s eyes are diverted toward an electronic gadget or some other distraction in their vehicle, they are unlikely to see other cars entering the intersection that have a green light.

While serious car accidents involving traffic signals usually involve driver error, they are sometimes the result of malfunctioning stoplights. Sometimes traffic signals are defective so both drivers get a green light at the same time. It is important that there be a prompt investigation of any car accident involving an intersection with a traffic signal because an auto accident reconstructionist can conduct an investigation and analyze the timing of the traffic signal. This means it is important to contact an experienced car accident lawyer promptly before the city, county or other governmental entity makes changes to the stoplight or intersection that may make it difficult to prove the cause of the car crash.

It is tempting to believe that one’s chances of being involved in an accident involving a driver running a red light is remote at best. However, 90,000 injured people each year is persuasive evidence to the contrary. These injuries can be devastating involving permanent brain damage, paralysis, loss of limbs, disfigurement and death. If you or someone you love has been injured by someone running a red light, the Georgia auto accident attorneys at Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, can help you as we have helped families just like yours throughout Georgia.