Many motor vehicle accident injuries are not detected for months or even years after the time of injury. About six million people are injured in motor vehicle accidents annually. Out of those accidents, about 3 million injuries are whiplash-related and about 23% of those people develop chronic pain from these injuries.

Whiplash is probably the most common injury that causes chronic pain after an auto accident. It is estimated that as many as one percent of the world’s population suffer from chronic neck pain caused by whiplash injury. There are also a number of other injuries that can also have delayed symptoms including:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Head Trauma
  • Chronic headaches


Injuries that are caused by auto accidents can cause damage to the muscular-skeletal and nervous systems in the body. Muscles, ligaments and tendons can tear and also be sprained. If left untreated, these injuries can develop into more serious problems. Victims who experience chronic pain usually have to seek ongoing medical treatment and therapy from physical therapists, chiropractors, orthopedists and sometimes neurologists.

Whiplash is the most common injury sustained and also can be one of the most debilitating long-term injuries. If a vehicle occupant’s neck turns side-to-side along with getting jerked backward and forward during the accident, it makes the injury far worse. Intervertebral joints, discs, ligaments, cervical muscles, and nerves can be injured from whiplash. Whiplash and its effects can also make someone’s neck permanently vulnerable to injury. About ten percent of the people injured in car accidents that experience whiplash suffer long-term disability. Statistics show that about fourteen percent of whiplash victims will still have significant pain more than 3 years after the accident.

The alignment of the neck can be changed after whiplash, and fractures of the vertebrae can also occur. The curve of the neck can actually be reversed which can then result in the rest of the back being misaligned. This can lead to arthritis in the back and chronic pain. Bulges in the discs occur which can cause numbness in the arms and shoulders.

The longest study ever done on whiplash-injured patients was seventeen years long, and at the conclusion of the study, 55 percent of patients still suffered from pain caused by the original trauma. Another study found that 7.5 years after being injured 2 percent of whiplash-injury patients would still experience severe pain and problems that require ongoing medical therapy and drugs.

Long-term injuries like these often result in people not being able to carry out their normal everyday lives. Tasks that were simple and effortless become monumental like sitting at work or standing for long periods. Those with chronic pain from accidents may struggle with sleep because of the pain. The lack of sleep can result in anxiety and other health problems, which only increases the need for more medical treatment and drugs.

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