ALBANY, GA- writes that the boating season is gearing up in Georgia and with so many people heading out on the water, it is important that everyone remember to practice safe boating habits. A spokesperson for Georgia Power offered boaters some advice on how to stay safe while enjoying the state’s waterways.*

When it comes to boating, the first thing safety experts often say is to use a personal floatation device. This is true even for people who are good swimmers. Accidents can take place unexpectedly on the water and leave even strong swimmers unable to get to safety. If a person strikes their head and is rendered unconscious, the floatation device will often be the only thing capable of saving their life.

Georgia Power provides recreational facilities in Georgia and is letting those visitors who use the lakes know that while activities on the water are fun, they can also be dangerous and that caution is necessary for water-related recreation.

Lakes present dangers that are not present in a swimming pool, such as currents. It is vital that people swimming or boating on lakes understand the need to be aware of their surroundings. Children can quickly and easily be pulled underwater by a current. There are also signs on the water that must be followed, just like road signs. Boats cannot stop quickly, so speeding can put people in danger. If there are other boats or swimmers in the water, it is necessary to give them plenty of space to stay safe. If people must go out in a boat after dark, proper lighting equipment must be in use.

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