Not all motorcycle accidents involve a direct collision between the bike and another object or moving vehicle. In some accidents, a motorcycle rider is forced to “lay down” the bike to avoid impact. This last-resort maneuver might avoid a collision, but unfortunately can still result in death or serious injuries that cause great pain and expense for riders and their families. Sometimes we are asked by motorcyclists whether laying a bike down under these circumstances means that the rider cannot recover compensation for his or her injuries.

If someone is faced with the sudden threat of harm, the person’s actions in responding to the situation should be reasonable under the emergency circumstances to avoid experiencing injury to one’s self. If laying down the motorcycle to avoid an imminent and possibly fatal collision is reasonable under the circumstances, the rider may have a valid personal injury claim against the motorist who created the hazard.

Even if a judge or jury determines that the motorcyclist is partially at-fault, the driver that created the hazard may still be responsible for payment of medical expenses, property damage, loss income, pain and suffering and other damages due to the accident. However, the degree of fault assigned to the rider can result in a reduction in the amount of the recovery in proportion to the amount of fault assigned to the motorcyclist.

At Montlick and Associates, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers have been helping riders and their families recover from traffic accidents of all kinds since the law firm was founded in 1984. Our firm only represents those who have been injured by the negligence of others; we do not represent insurance agencies, large or small companies or governmental bodies. By focusing strictly on personal injury law, we believe we can do a better job and that it helps us provide our clients with the personal attention and excellent service they deserve.

In situations where a motorcycle rider has no choice but to intentionally lay down their vehicle, the resulting injuries can range from shattered ankles and wrists to potentially fatal spinal cord or brain trauma. A helmet and protective gear are both required by Georgia law and essential for rider safety, but some injuries in a lay down motorcycle crash are simply unavoidable. Our lawyers understand how painful and frustrating it can be for riders and their loved ones during the long period of recovery from a debilitating motorcycle wreck. In addition to the astronomical cost of emergency room care, surgery and follow-up medical treatment, serious injuries can leave riders unable to work and deprive a family of household income.

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With the highways and city streets of Atlanta and surrounding communities becoming more congested than ever as the area grows, motorcycle riders are confronted with an increasing number of potential hazards. The prevalence of smart phones has given rise to a whole new generation of distracted motorists. These drivers cause many preventable wrecks simply because they are texting, talking or web browsing instead of watching the road. Other threats to motorcyclists include drunk drivers, tired truck drivers, and busy intersections where car drivers fail to stop and look carefully at traffic.

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