An unsettling national trend is tragically claiming the lives of thousands across America. In Georgia, the number of pedestrian accidents is at its highest since 1997. Annually, close to 200 pedestrians are killed by cars and trucks across the state and this figure appears to still be on the rise. Many fatal pedestrian accidents occur in metro Atlanta, where multiple lane roads are clogged with traffic and many roads lack sidewalks or adequate safe areas for those on foot.

A national study released by Smart Growth America last year ranked Atlanta as one of the most dangerous large metropolitan areas for pedestrians. It stated that between the years 2003 and 2012, 839 pedestrians died in Atlanta alone. Several roadways were identified as presenting the greatest dangers, including:

  • Fulton Peachtree Street
  • Dekalb Buford Highway
  • Fulton Roswell Road
  • Fulton Peachtree Road
  • Fulton Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
  • Dekalb Memorial Drive
  • Dekalb Covington Highway
  • Fulton N Avenue

A National Problem

Georgia is not alone in experiencing an increase in the number of pedestrian accidents. Nationally, pedestrians have been one of the few groups of road users to experience an increase in fatalities. Over 4,000 pedestrians across the country are killed annually. Pedestrian accidents had been on a steady decline for years before spiking in 2011 and continuing to increase.

The rise has troubled many traffic safety experts as it comes at a time when overall traffic safety has improved and fatalities declined. There have been several reasons attributed to the rise in pedestrian accidents, including, but limited to:

  1. Distracted driving: According to research by the Office of the United States Surgeon General and the United States Public Health Service, distracted driving is the number one reason for the rise in pedestrian fatalities. An estimated 20 percent of all distracted driving accidents now involves pedestrians. Distracted driving has increased rapidly with the advances in mobile technology that have so many drivers looking down at their phones to text, call, email, or use the internet. Pedestrians are just one group of many adversely impacted by distracted driving.
  2. Congested roadways: Many cities like Atlanta have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The increasing number of vehicles on already crowded roadways can lead to dangerous conditions for pedestrians. Cities can combat this issue by adding sidewalks and crosswalks so that pedestrians have a safe area to walk.
  3. Distracted walking: Distraction can present a problem for pedestrians as well as drivers. Pedestrians who are looking down at their phones or otherwise distracted might fail to see an oncoming car, resulting in injury.
  4. Use of headphones: Pedestrians today are often traveling with IPods and other similar devices, leading to the inability to hear what is going on around them. Pedestrians with headphones on might not hear approaching cars, diminishing their ability to react in order to avoid an accident.

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