A car collision can pose a serious detour in one’s life, especially if you suffer a severe bone crush injury or compound fracture that requires the insertion of metal hardware and/or reconstructive surgery. While any broken bone or fracture can be a significant injury, such injuries can be much more severe when suffered in a car accident. Motor vehicle accidents involving passenger cars, trucks and SUVs often exert enormous traumatic force on the body that can result in very severe bone related injuries. Because the human body is very resilient, many broken bones and fractures incurred in an Atlanta car accident will completely heal though they may cause substantial pain and prolonged time off work. Bone crush injuries and many compound fractures may result in permanent loss of mobility along with prolonged pain and disability.

Many people involved in an Atlanta car accident believe that they can work directly with the insurance company because they have quantifiable injuries that can be substantiated with x-rays and other diagnostic exams. When your suffer a broken arm, fractured leg, fractured rib or other broken bone in an Atlanta car accident, you may experience complex surgeries, prolonged physical therapy, permanent disability, loss of mobility as well as pain and suffering that can mean substantial damages. The negligent driver’s insurance company will often try to negotiate a much lower settlement than that to which you are entitled.

Our experienced Atlanta broken bone accident lawyers will often identify multiple responsible defendants, such as negligent drivers, parents of the driver, the employer of the driver, other motorists, negligent automakers and public entities that fail to provide safe roadways. We also will look to the possibility that some defendants may have multiple insurance policies that provide coverage. The goal is to make sure that there are as many avenues as possible to obtain compensation for our clients’ injuries and loss. Our experienced broken bone accident attorneys will carefully prepare documentation regarding your injuries and full course of treatment to obtain full compensation for any broken, fractured or crushed bones, or other injuries.

It can be hard to determine the exact amount of compensation that you will receive for a broken bone. The severity of the broken bone and a variety of other factors will impact the value of your claim. Some of the factors that will be relevant in determining the value of your claim if you suffer a broken bone include:

  • The precise injury including the location and severity
  • Any time off work while recovering
  • Extent and nature of any permanent disability

Serious broken bones and fractures often result in settlements well over six figures, including a broken pelvis, fractured skull or crushed leg. Other less serious broken bones may result in settlements or judgments that are substantially less. Our Atlanta broken bone auto accident lawyers will carefully review your medical records and may even utilize medical or occupational experts to testify regarding the extent of your injuries and the long-term effects along with resulting incapacitation. Our goal is to seek the best possible recovery for our clients to increase the financial resources available for you to recover and move past your accident. We have been providing zealous legal representation to Atlanta car accident victims for over 39 years as part of our commitment to be the best Atlanta car accident law firm.

Our Atlanta car accident law firm is available to assist clients throughout all of Georgia and the Southeast.