If you or a family member has been involved in a car accident in the recent weeks or months, it is highly likely that the reality of the situation is starting to become clear. Specifically, the full extent of your injuries may be starting to manifest, although other injuries may develop over a longer period of time. The medical bills also are starting to pile up, in all likelihood. You may be unable to work, depending on the nature and extent of your injuries. Regardless of the circumstances, the weeks and months after a car accident present different considerations than do the immediate aftermath. In order to deal with these different circumstances, there are certain steps that a person can take. Below are suggestions and considerations to help you make the right choices necessary to maximize your chances of being fully compensated for your injuries so that you hopefully can resume the life that you were leading before the accident as soon as possible.

Most importantly, before too much time passes, you should consider hiring a qualified Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer you can trust. Having an experienced attorney in your corner is vital for several reasons. First, and experienced injury attorney will know that steps to take to protect your rights, and timing is critical in any claim or lawsuit, and the lapse of too much time can permanently prevent you from recovering for the harm that you suffered.

Another consideration in the weeks and months after an accident is the scope of available insurance coverage. Most people spend very little time reading through any insurance policy, including their own. However, after an accident has occurred, it is crucial to understand what coverage applies, whether through your own insurance or the negligent driver’s insurance. This will help you understand what types of compensation are available; however, it may be difficult to understand without the assistance of a skilled Georgia Car Accident Attorney. Insurance policies are difficult to interpret and often contain a maze of cross-references, definitions, and the like. And those polices will contain various notice requirements and deadlines that must be complied with to not loose valuable rights.

In addition to everything else, it is critical to preserve evidence, and to document all related treatments and costs. During the time you are receiving medical treatment, obtain and keep copies of all records, including treatment plans, care instructions, explanations of benefits, and bills. It is probable that certain records will also need to be requested from your health care providers. Keep in mind that the more information you have on hand early in the process, the better. Specifically, it will help you and your attorney make more informed decisions about how to best proceed with your case.

If you have been severely injured, if possible, keep a daily journal about your experiences. The pain and suffering you go through will be a factor in determining the amount of damages to which you are entitled. Your own words can be very helpful. This includes any psychological symptoms you are experiencing, pains and limitations on your daily activities. It is not uncommon for individuals to become depressed and anxious after a serious accident. Do not overlook the importance of the effects on your mental and emotional health in the determination of your damages, and if you are feeling these things- you should discuss them with your attorney.

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