A broken leg can result from a slip and fall, car, motorcycle, or truck accident, along with many other types of accidents that commonly involve negligence. Broken limbs are some of the most frequent injuries sustained in any type of personal injury accident. In order to provide you with some perspective as to the cost of a broken leg and to assist you in obtaining full compensation for this injury, we have outlined below the true expenses associated with such a common injury.


If your medical provider believes that you have broken a leg in any sort of accident, the first thing the emergency room or other medical facility will do is bring you in for an X-ray. An X-ray is essential in that it will show the doctor and medical team whether in fact you have broken your leg and, if so, the severity of the fracture. It will additionally reveal any damage to other parts of the limb. According to consumer website CostHelperHealth, a leg X-ray can cost as little as $210 or as much as $1,000, depending upon the radiology center. The number of slides necessary to determine the extent of the damage will impact X-ray costs.


Some serious breaks will require surgery in order to restore your leg to its original function. Foregoing recommended surgery could leave your limb permanently damaged and your quality of life affected. Without health insurance, surgical treatment of a broken leg can cost between $17,000 and $35,000, depending upon your area and the individual surgical center. Health insurance may reduce these expenses, but surgery can still run into the thousands for a severe break.


For breaks that do not require surgery, the application of a short or long leg cast can run a couple hundred dollars. When coupled with the expense of the X-ray, possible resetting of the bone, medications, and rehabilitation, even a simple break that does not require surgery will end up costing the victim thousands of dollars.

Other Expenses

A broken leg can come with several other expenses. One of the most common costs that will accompany a broken leg is time off work. You could miss time from work during the diagnosis, surgery and treatment of the limb. You can also find yourself unable to return to work and perform necessary work functions if your job requires physical activities.

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