USA- writes that truckers have difficult jobs that often involve expectations that they drive for periods of 70 hours a week. Drivers are often not able to estimate their earnings because of the way in which they are compensated. Pay comes in money per miles traveled, and often, truckers cover 2,500 miles a week. The conditions for these workers include harsh weather, heavy traffic, and extended hours alone in a noisy cab.

While there are rules stating that drivers must be given breaks following the 70-hour mark, many of these workers continue to travel for extra hours to make additional money. Picking up additional hours often means the drivers are working when they are physically exhausted. Loneliness, too, takes its toll as these drivers spend hour after hour alone on the road.

One study showed that drug use among truck drivers is high. The drugs that appear to be most popular include amphetamines and cocaine, which help people stay awake and stay behind the wheel longer.

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