BIRMINGHAM, AL. – According to a news story reported online at, AAA has introduced a new anti-distracted driving campaign in Alabama. The campaign encourages drivers to never drive “intexticated,” comparing the dangers of distracted driving to the dangers of drunk driving.*

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nine people die, and more than 1,000 people are injured, in distracted driving accidents every day in the United States. Experts say that these numbers, as frightening as they are, are probably lower than the real numbers because drivers do not usually admit distraction after an accident.

“A lot of accident reports across the country don’t even have a distracted driving option to check on the form,” said Clay Ingram of AAA Alabama. “A lot of times, they don’t even ask the questions whether someone was distracted or not while they were driving, and the people involved in the accident don’t want to admit it, either, so it’s a very under-reported statistic.”

To try to reduce the number of distracted driving accidents in the state of Alabama, AAA has introduced a new campaign aimed at showing drivers the real dangers of using their cell phones or engaging in other distracted behaviors behind the wheel.

One of the featured pieces of the campaign shows two images of a woman driving with children in the back of a car. In the left photo, the woman is holding a beer while driving, and the caption says, “You don’t do that.” In the right photo, the woman is holding a phone while driving, and the caption says, “So why do this?”

“We just want people to understand that it’s just as dangerous as drinking and driving,” Ingram said. “If you look at a crashed car from a DUI crash and one from a texting and driving crash, you can’t tell them apart.”

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